Ilse Daly


2012-2016: BBSRC SWDTP Biosciences PhD student 

2008-2012: MSci (Hons) Physics – Imperial College London

As an undergraduate, I chose to specialise in Optics and Biophysics, choices that reflect my interest in the natural world. My final year MSci project was a joint venture between Imperial College and the Natural History Museum. The project was an investigation into the circularly polarising effects of the shells of several species of Scarab Beetle. This project encouraged me to apply for a PhD to continue looking at the role that light and optics play in the animal kingdom.


I’m currently investigating the amazing eyes of Mantis Shrimps (Stomatopods). In particular, I’m interested in the movements of their eyes, which follow patterns completely different from any other known animal. I am testing the relationship between eye movement and polarized signals.

Research Projects

  • Are Stomatopods able to see second order motion in both luminance and polarization?

  • Does the polarization of a signal effect the motion of the eyes of a Stomatopod?