New paper out from the lab today -

Separate polarisation and brightness channels give crabs the edge over predators

A study from the lab discovering how fiddler crabs are sensitive to the polarisation of light and how they process intensity and polarisation in parallel to give them the edge when it comes to spotting potential threats.


Link to the paper -

kate crab.jpg

The fiddler crab Afruca tangeri. Image - Kate Feller, University of Minnesota

Why do Zebra's have stripes?

A great new paper from Martin and Tim Caro on why Zebras have stripes.

Caro, T., Argueta Y., Briolat, E.S., Bruggink, J., Kasprowsky, M., Lake, J., Mitchell, M.J., Richardson, S., and  How, M. 2019 Benefits of zebra stripes: Behaviour of tabanid flies around zebras and horses PLoS one,

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